Lady Pinkdot, Paula Shy – Big Blonde Booty

Lady Pinkdot, Paula Shy – Big Blonde Booty – Teach Me Fisting



203MB | 720×400 | 00:24:44



Lady Pinkdot gets a new lesson in deep pleasure with Paula Shy. These two luscious lesbians kiss and make out before slowly tracing their tongues down to get to licking each other’s pussies. After having a moment to show off her ravishing breasts, Pinkdot bends over to let Paula lick and finger her wet pussy. Soon we step it up to the next level of deep fisting action as Paula goes all the way down to the wrist. This blonde’s booty has got all the junk to twerk and shake as she writhes around in orgasmic pleasure, savoring the sexy touch of Paula’s fist.


Download: Pinkdot Paula Shy – Big Blonde Booty.mp4

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Tiffany Tatum, Zazie Skymm – Pantyhose & Double Dong

Tiffany Tatum, Zazie Skymm – Pantyhose & Double Dong: Lesbians Stuff Their Tight Pussies! – Hot Legs And Feet



591MB | 950×540 | 00:17:36



Welcome to another sizzling hot episode of DDF Network’s successful Hot Legs & Feet series! This epic foot and leg fetish porn hub gives you countless XXX videos, packed with endless legs and sweet tootsies! Today, we proudly introduce the two lesbians Zazie Skymm and Tiffany Tatum to you. The two pantyhose lovers enjoy an afternoon on the couch and soon start making out. The two hotties wear nylon stockings and can’t wait to take off their sexy high heels. Zazie is a blonde sex goddess from Hungary. She likes to stuff her mouth with her playmate’s sexy toes and starts sucking her feet! Soon, both take off their panties and start playing with their lovely tits! Enjoy some Full HD pussy gapes and watch the horny babe lick her girlfriend’s asshole and pussy. Their favorite toy is a purple double dong, which they really enjoy sucking on. Tiffany crams her mouth with that sex toy and sucks one end, while her sweetheart plays with it with her feet. The two extremely hot girls stuff their twats with that dong and ride that long dildo while sucking their sexy toes until both teens reach their orgasms!


Download: Tatum Zazie Skymm – Pantyhose _ Double Dong.mp4

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Lily Adams, Uma Jolie – A Slice of Heaven

Lily Adams, Uma Jolie – A Slice of Heaven – Erotica X



318MB | 720×400 | 00:38:31



Uma Jolie and Lily Adams have been the best of friends, forever! Once they even sneaked a kiss and it excited them both. While being bridesmaids for a wedding, they were smelling and choosing flowers. It seemed to be right to sample each other’s buds. They couldn’t resist keeping their hands off each other till they busted in to cum filled climaxes!


Download: Adams Uma Jolie – A Slice of Heaven.mp4

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Kyra Hot, Rachele Richey – Sister Connection

Kyra Hot, Rachele Richey – Sister Connection: A Black Double Dong from Pussy to Pussy! – DDF Busty



215MB | 720×400 | 00:26:02



Kyra Hot and Rachele Richey are two besties since college. The two busty babes have been party playmates ever since and can’t wait to make out at any given moment of privacy. In today’s episode of the American bombshell and the Hungarian glamour model start making out in the livingroom. This XXX scene is packed with lesbian love and our camera team is spot on at every single moment! Check out the two horny sapphic sisters and enjoy their French kissing and titty play. Once they get naked and introduce a huge black double dong, it’s time to connect their wet pussies and ride that dong until they cum! The two blondes love sucking their massive titties and slide one end of the sex toy deep into their twats while cramming their mouth with the other end. Down for some nipple play?


Download: Hot Rachele Richey – Sister Connection.mp4

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Averi Brooks, Alex Blake – Skater Chicks

Averi Brooks, Alex Blake – Skater Chicks – We Live Together



339MB | 768×432 | 00:32:08



Alex returns from skate boarding to find Averi on the couch studying. Alex is in the mood for some fun but Averi is trying to concentrate. Once Alex convinces Averi to try a little kiss, the fun begins. Alex dives in to Averi’s tight little pussy, licking and sucking as she looks up and watches Averi’s body move. Next is Alex’s turn as Averi explores her pussy with her tongue and fingers. As their passions escalate Alex gets Averi on all fours and licks her tight little asshole. Avery finally gets Alex on her back and works her pussy until she cums.


Download: Brooks Alex Blake – Skater Chicks.mp4

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Jayden Cole, Alison Rey – My Family’s Secret

Jayden Cole, Alison Rey – My Family’s Secret: Part One – Nuru Massage



174MB | 720×400 | 00:21:30



Worried step mother Jayden Cole is snooping through her step daughter Alison Rey’s bedroom, venting to her friend over the phone about the teen’s suspicious behavior and mysterious influx of cash. Her bed is covered with a weird waterproof vinyl sheet. There’s a huge bowl of liquid lube right beside the bed. Her closet is empty except for towels. Jayden hears Alison coming upstairs and hangs up the phone on her friend. She ducks into the closet to hide, as Alison enter the bedroom and answers a call from the same friend, who also happens to be one of Alison’s best clients. She warns Alison that Jayden is on to her. Jayden confronts Alison directly demanding answers, or else. Alison explains she’s just doing an Eastern ther@peutic massage. She offers to show her step mother, as long, as her dad doesn’t find out. This kind of massage is conducted with both parties naked. That doesn’t deter the disconcerted step mother. After the girls undress and organize themselves on the bed, Alison coats her mother’s skin with the thick viscous NURU gel and begins to slide and up and down her back. Jayden is pretty amazed by the sensation. Alison is pressing into her with the full weight of her body, especially her conspicuously naked pussy. She turns Jayden onto her back and massages her big MILF tits. Jayden gets carried away in the pleasure of the moment and touches Alison inappropriately, but apologizes immediately for her indiscretion. Alison laughs it off, she knows what’s coming next. She tells her mom to open her legs wide and darts her tongue over Jayden’s clit till the MILF bursts with pride. Then the lesbians interlock their legs, and start tribbing their pussies lasciviously, till they both explode!


Download: Cole Alison Rey – My Familys Secret.mp4

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Samantha Hayes, Mindy Mink – My Daughter’s Secret Job

Samantha Hayes, Mindy Mink – My Daughter’s Secret Job: Part One – All Girl Massage



496MB | 720×400 | 00:51:50



Teen masseuse Samantha Hayes is prepping for her next client when her step mother Mindy Mink saunters in. Samantha’s back is facing the entrance so she mistakes her step mom for her client and announces in a cutesy voice that she’s ready to give her the ‘schoolgirl special’. When she realizes it’s really her father’s MILF wife at the door, Samantha tries to lie her way out of trouble. She doesn’t want her daddy to know she’s not so innocent anymore, even though her body is blossoming into womanhood and she likes to show it off in what Mindy calls slutty clothes. Desperate to provide adequate excuses, Samantha says she’s working to save some money before college starts in the fall. Mindy proposes an idea that might make it possible to keep this information from Samantha’s father. Mindy suggests that Samantha gives her a massage. The MILF pulls off her dress and lies down fully nude face up on the table. When Samantha offers her a cover, Mindy is bold and unapologetic about her exposed pussy sprouting a luxurious tuft of hair. She confrontationally lets Samantha know that she knows what kind of place this is. Mindy agrees to turn onto her tummy so Samantha can drizzle oil over her back. Mindy begins to relax as Samantha smooths the oil over her skin, as long as she knows Mindy Mink is no fool. As the massage progresses to an ass rub, Mindy requests the ‘schoolgirl special’ without batting an eye. Samantha is surprised Mindy would dare ask, but even more surprised to hear Mindy has been wanting this kind of thing from Samantha for a long time. Mindy tells her to cut the innocent act. She directs the teen to suck her toes and praises her for giving a slow seductive toe job. Mindy’s just warming her up for more amazing tongue work. When she turns onto her back for the frontal portion of the massage, she asks Samantha to rub her huge boobs, or she’ll tell her father. Mindy wants to teach Samantha a trick or two about rubbing pussy. She parts her legs and encourages her to use slow deliberate movements, caressing up and down her pink wet slit. Samantha applies light pressure to her clitoris and watches her step mother. The gentle squeezes send Mindy into a fit of shudders and moans. Samantha hates what she’s doing, she clearly knows it’s wrong as wrong can be. Mindy makes her lick her pussy, grabbing her by the pigtails. But Samantha’s mouth work isn’t impressing the experienced MILF. Mindy tells her to get undressed and comes onto her step daughter, seductively encouraging her to stop thinking and start feeling, incentivizing her with conditions like letting her keep her secret job. She lays her down and lowers her face into her bushy pussy, slowly exciting her with her mouth. The build up makes Samantha beg her to stop or she’ll cum in her face. After she releases all over her mother’s mouth Samantha’s hungry to kiss her and reciprocate what she did to her pussy. Then their matching bushy pussies kiss and Mindy clutches Samantha’s ass as she grinds her pussy into her, tribbing till they cum really hard at the same time!


Download: Hayes Mindy Mink – My Daughters Secret Job.mp4

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Lexi Dona, Lucy Shine – Lucky Lucy, Sexy Lexi

Lexi Dona, Lucy Shine – Lucky Lucy, Sexy Lexi – Teach Me Fisting



392MB | 1280×720 | 00:21:16



Lucy Shine and Lexi Dona are two lesbians set for some actions. Watch these two perfect babes kiss each other all over their natural breasts and tight bubble butts. This blonde brunette combo gets hot and heavy, as they licking each other’s pussies and eat each other out. Soon we want to get deeper, and the lesbian love combo goes fist-deep in their stretched out pussies.


Download: Dona Lucy Shine – Lucky Lucy Sexy Lexi.mp4

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Naomi Bennet, Antonia Sainz – Strip-Club Honeys

Naomi Bennet, Antonia Sainz – Strip-Club Honeys – Pussy Licking Pole Dancers – Euro Girls On Girls



639MB | 1920×1080 | 00:17:16



It today’s VR Euro Girls on Girls, Czech babe Naomi Bennet is shakin’ her curvy ass and natural titties for Antonia Sainz to audition at the DDF Dirty Girls Club! In an unexpected twist the two lesbians find themselves irresistibly attracted to one another and this professional meeting turns sexual, really quickly. As Naomi slinks her way around the pole in her high heels and electric blue matching bra and g-string lingerie she’s sends electrifying shocks straight to our cocks. The brunette babes seduction is on point and she titty shakes and drops it like its hot Antonia can’t resist getting hands on with her friends, and so she joins her on stage and smoothly slips her tongue in, French kissing her while her fingers go down to play with her shaved pussy. Check it out as the two hotties end up some some very compromising positions to get into each other’s pussy gape. After watching thew way they lick at each other’s pinks in 69 and while face sitting, we’re pretty sure Naomi will be hired after her performance!


Download: Bennet Antonia Sainz – Strip-Club Honeys.mp4

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Shyla Jennings, Kristen Scott – The Hook Up

Shyla Jennings, Kristen Scott – The Hook Up – We Live Together



315MB | 768×432 | 00:29:51



Kristen has left little clues for Shyla guiding her to a spot to celebrate their anniversary. The celebration starts when Kristen emerges from behind the couch in lingerie and surprises Shyla with a blindfold. The soft kissing and sucking of nipples progresses as Kristen expertly licks and sucks Shyla’s wet pussy, giving her multiple quivering orgasms. Then its Shyla’s turn as she licks Kristen from behind. Kristen lowers herself onto Shyla’s face as she tongues Kristen’s pussy. Kristen shudders in ecstasy again and again cumming all over Shyla’s face. The gasps, moans, and orgasms continue for both girls as they lick, suck and grind their pussies until they are finally spent. Happy anniversary.


Download: Jennings Kristen Scott – The Hook Up.mp4

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